Quitting a solid activity can be a frightening step throughout India’s ongoing unemployment crisis. Data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) indicates the unemployment price in India went up from 6.Forty-seven percentage in September 2018 to 8.19 percentage in August 2019.

It can, in particular, be nerve-wracking for folks who go away their jobs behind in pursuit of realizing their entrepreneurial goals. However, if their business fails, they no longer handiest lose a whole lot of money however also be unemployed.

But these marketers frequently took that bold step. And many have seen a few awesome rewards due to taking that chance.

SMBStory has curated a listing of a few small enterprise marketers whose difficult choice to cease their jobs set them at the course to entrepreneurial success.
Steven Pinto – Mangalore Pearl

Since formative years, Steven Pinto turned into enthusiastic about cooking. He was in particular taken with seafood dishes like fish curry, which turned into the staple weight loss plan for his Catholic community in Mangalore. This fascination stayed with Steven even when he moved to Bengaluru to paintings in an IT firm.

As he cooked for nearby pals and Mangalore Catholics, he discovered that the delicacies he grew up with were missing in Bengaluru. “Even although there are many human beings from this community in Bengaluru, the Mangalore Catholic flavors had been missing from seafood restaurants,” he says.

And one day in 2004, Steven took a soar of faith to make this passion his career. He became forty, but age was no bar for him. Quitting his IT process, he started out Mangalore Pearl in Frazer Town in an attempt to convey genuine Mangalore seafood cuisine to Bengaluru.

He is famous that every day for the beyond 15 years, he has been going to Russell Market at five:15 every morning to buy clean fish. And this facilitates Steven to avoid sourcing fish from providers, which saves him a terrific deal of fee.

Today, Mangalore Pearl has ended up a legendary name in Bengaluru now not best for the Mangalore Catholic community inside the metropolis however also among all seafood enthusiasts. It has grown to a 38-member group that works across outlets (the second one, the 75-seater eating place is placed in Ulsoor and changed into opened in 2018.)

One day in 2016, three MBA pals got stuck in a continuing shower of rain in Gurugram. Ankit Magan, Priyank Jain, and Neeraj Chauhan have been there for a few works and needed to wait greater than 45 minutes for the rain to stop.

Because of the rain, the roads had been waterlogged and the drainage systems have been choked up. “There becomes so much wastage of water, so we asked ourselves, what would take place if the city had to pay to acquire rainfall? Would so much water go to waste?” says Ankit.

As the pals contemplated this, they decided they have to do something to maintain rainwater. Despite having complete-time jobs, they wanted to begin their personal rainwater protection commercial enterprise and end up ‘waterpreneurs.’

Six months later, on December 2016, they left their jobs and started Retas Enviro Solutions in New Delhi to layout, manufacture, and set up water tanks and modular rainwater harvesting systems. In just two years, Retas has commenced servicing huge clients which include TATA Steel, Reckitt Benckiser, SIEMENS, Hi-Tech Gears, HPCL, Government of Delhi, Government of Uttarakhand, and extra.

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