A full web page advertisement in The New York Times, calling attention to the lockdown in Kashmir, is being falsely shared as reported by the USA primarily based newspaper.
BOOM contacted the New York Times spokesperson who stated, “it becomes a paid commercial submitted via the International

Humanitarian Foundation Inc.” When asked whether or not the newspaper wrote the content material for the said commercial, the spokesperson replied, “The advertiser submitted the advert for an e-book. The Times did now not design or draft the commercial.”
The photo of the advertisement reads, ‘Kashmir #EndTheSiege 8 Million under siege through 1,000,000 soldiers considering that August fifth’ and ‘The seizing of Kashmir is blatant racism’. It has also covered numbers like the “60,000 plus deaths and one million injured whilst it has been below siege seeing that 70+years”.

The viral photograph of the commercial indicates it located below the masthead of the New York Times’ main several people to believe that it appeared at the front web page of the newspaper.
How Media Outlets Reported The Advertisement
Wire corporation, ANI, on September 27 posted a tale about the said advertisement inside the NYT with the headline, “New York Times Carries Factually Incorrect Full Page Ad Towing Pak’s Line On Kashmir’

NewsX on its information internet site posted a tale titled, “New York Times, this is a few Kashmir whataboutery!” approximately the advertisement even as falsely calling it a “commercial-cum-article”. The article, reads, “…Content writers of The New York Times, who have been sitting thousands of miles away from their air-conditioned offices and steeply-priced desks, have penned an editorial on the topic which they haven’t any concept and miles away from the truth.”. The article then claims to “truth test” the NYT because the newspaper, “has been spreading the incorrect records and misleading the humans internationally on the sort of sensitive problem.”
At first appearance, it’s miles genuinely visible that the web page carrying the advertisement has been positioned on the pinnacle of the front web page of The New York Times.
Two separate newspaper sheets are truely seen inside the photo beneath

A further nearer take a look at the show photo indicates a line on the lowest left corner of the web page – ‘Sponsored by International Humanitarian Foundation Inc’, with the internet site info of the enterprise.
A search for International Humanitarian Foundation led us to their internet site which had information about a protest hung on September 22, towards Narendra Modi.
BOOM then contacted The New York Times for details about the commercial. The spokesperson confirmed that the commercial did now not appear on the front page of the newspaper and stated, “The advert ran in The New York Times print paper on September 27, 2019, on the A7 web page in the print edition.”
We checked out the September 27 issue and September 28 issue of The New York Times and did now not discover the commercial on the front web page of any version.

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